6" x 18" Pink Acrylic Non-Slip Ruler

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Quilting Bee's "EZ Eyes" Pink Non-Slip Acrylic Quilting Rulers are made especially for quilting, sewing, and arts & crafts projects. Designed and tested by eyes over 50, this ruler's hot pink markings are easy to read, with or without glasses. Can be used with rotary cutters or straight edge blades. It's patented anti-slip latex layer helps keep your ruler from slipping when you are making your cuts. This layer forms a 1/4" outer boundary seam allowance, and is present in dots placed 1/4" apart on the entire bottom of the ruler. Made with a unique numbering and angle system that is sure to help with your projects. Made for left- or right- handed use. Ruler measures 6" x 18".

  • HIGH-CONTRAST PINK. Quilting Bee rulers are named "EZ Eyes" because they are easy on old eyes. Tested by eyes over 50, the contrasting hot pink and black markings are easy to read and stand out on any fabric.
  • PATENTED NON-SLIP DESIGN. Ever started to make a cut and your ruler slips, ruining the piece? That frustration will be a thing of the past since our rulers come with a patented non-slip silicone rubber coating that is unique to our product. Of course you could buy special non-slip rings, but they look terrible. Our design has the non-slip coating integrated seamlessly into the design of the ruler.
  • 1/4" SEAM ALLOWANCE. Each laser-cut ruler comes with an easy-to-read 1/4" seam allowance around the perimeter.
  • FOR LEFTIES OR RIGHTIES. Convenient 30-, 45-, and 60- degree diagonal lines mirror each other, making our rulers suitable for all users.
  • WILL BECOME YOUR FAVORITE RULER. Watch out, because when the members of your quilting group see and use this ruler, you may not get it back!

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